Value Proposition and Investment Philosophy

Our borrowers and their management teams and owners benefit from our:

Long-term view and buy-and-hold approach

Problem-solving mentality and creative, flexible capital solutions

Investments across a variety of structures

Ability to provide $20 million to $400+ million of capital and grow with our borrowers over time

Expertise in a wide variety of industries and sectors

Investment activity across varying market conditions

Efficient execution 

Prospect targets attractive risk-adjusted and consistent, low-volatility returns. Our investment strategy focuses on current cash yields through interest payments and, in some cases, dividend payments. We also target capital appreciation from preferred equity, common equity and/or warrant positions that may be made alongside our debt investments. Prospect's attributes include:

Large team of dedicated and experienced professionals

Focus on capital preservation

Value-added, credit-oriented investment approach

High volume of potential investment opportunities, which allows Prospect to be highly selective

Current cash yields through interest payments, dividends and/or distributions

Multi-asset class track record and expertise (senior debt, subordinated debt, one-stop debt and equity investments, and CLOs)


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