Prospect invests in a variety of businesses, industries, and geographic regions. We have expertise across multiple industries, including business services, consumer products, consumer services, energy, financial services, food, healthcare, industrials, manufacturing, media, and many other sectors.

We focus on middle-market companies in the United States with EBITDA of $5 million to $150 million. We principally target companies with a history of stable revenues and profitability, strong market and competitive positions, and proven management. We analyze each investment with a primary focus on preserving capital and generating current cash yields.

We seek companies with: 

Strong market positions
Positive industry dynamics and trends
Strong customer relationships (with limited concentration)
Barriers to entry
Competitive advantages (in terms of products, services, distribution channels, and/or relationships)
A proven management team with a successful track record and meaningful ownership
Low market or technology risks
Consistent revenues and profitability, including recurring and visible cash flows
Positive financial trends
A demonstrated ability to withstand an economic downturn
Significant free cash flow
Prudent capital structures
Reasonable leverage amounts
Strong fixed-charge coverage


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